Globacor Partners Inc.

a user-friendly partner

Globacor is a user-friendly  partner for wealthy investors

Globacor's Knowledge

As a smaller, more agile group, Globacor is a user-friendly  partner for wealthy investors looking for additional oversight and  support for their overall wealth management. 

Drawing from our in-house Accounting firm and International Law firm,  we assist our clients with everything from strategic oversight to  due-diligence on sophisticated tax structures and investments. Our vast  network of business contacts and relationships around the world provide  the starting point. The seasoned management expertise we dedicate to  each situation, from financial advice to addressing tactical operational  issues, makes Globacor the ideal partner. Under a variety of market  conditions, our firm's Principals have demonstrated the ability to  effectively evaluate complex personal and business strategies and build  successful, executable plans.    

Things go much smoother with Globacor on your side.