Numeric Answers

Numeric Answers is a Corporate Accounting firm providing outsourced internal accounting, bookkeeping, controllership, HR and payroll services to businesses and high-net-worth families.

Since 2003 Numeric Answers has contributed to the continuing success of its clients who have benefited from Numeric's expertise and have made informed decisions with accurate, monthly, quarterly and year-end financial information.

Our Services
Numeric Answers offers integrated solutions for all of your Bookkeeping, Payroll, Accounting, Financial Services, Financial Consulting and Human Resources needs.

Our Vision
Numeric Answers vision is to be the Partner of Choice for North American businesses providing accurate, affordable and timely financial tracking and reporting. The mission of Numeric Answers is to help its clients with professional services of outstanding quality, competence and objectivity, delivering the best solutions to fully satisfy client objectives. In all we do, we foster a culture of partnership and integrity.

Our Values
At Numeric Answers we have built a culture of team work and trust with our employees, our clients and everyone that Numeric Answers interacts with.

We value caring, trustworthy and friendly staff because we know they'll apply those same values to your business. We reward hard work and excellence. When our employees know their contribution is valued and when their work environment is both challenging and rewarding, they deliver services to our clients that are consistently timely and of the highest quality.

We value our clients as part of the Numeric Answers family. Our clients reap the considerable benefits of our employees' exceptional performance, and they in turn reward us with the trust and loyalty that helps us build the long-term partnerships on which Numeric Answers foundation is built. We value our clients and consistently provide the highest level of service, quality, integrity and efficiency.

These fundamental business principles underline all of Numeric Answers' business activities.

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